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Real-world leadership typically delivering double-digit growth and profitability improvements with a tireless work ethic and cost-conscious focus for clients.  

Proven and diverse background in multiple industries bringing that experience to bear to the benefit of clients and their business.  The focus is always on achieving top-line and/or bottom-line growth as quickly as possible. 

Business Functions:

  • Strategic Planning  & Deployment
  • IoT  Commercialization
  • Aftermarket Parts & Services Profitability
  • Business & Market Development 
  • Product Development, Launch, & Innovation
  • Business Process Improvement 
  • Sales Management 
  • Marketing  Planning & Strategic Alliances
  • Product  / Brand Management

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Accession means growth to new levels of leadership and that is what we help our clients attain for their business and themselves.  615-477-9315

John Clevenger - Managing Director

Irrespective of industry, John quickly assesses and gains an in depth understanding of an organization and its products, services, customers and markets, enabling him to apply his management and leadership skills to build business by taking on new challenges, identifying forward-thinking solutions, and bringing out the best in every member on the team. 

He is particularly skilled in exploiting the strengths of an organization, creating new business capabilities, building cohesive teams., establishing strategic plans and partnerships, and providing strong operational leadership to drive top and bottom-line growth.

What does John bring to the table?:

  • A confident, charismatic leadership style characterized by integrity and a superior work ethic.
  • Management talents critical to creating top-performing environments. 
  • Skilled trainer, coach, and motivator for diverse, cross-functional teams.

John has been effective in resolving issues through analytical, collaborative and cost-conscious methods. He excels in communicating at all levels and is successful in establishing the integrity-based trust and confidence needed for healthy and profitable long-term business relationships.

He is an outstanding problem solver adept at aligning operations and business strategies and utilizing assets to achieve bottom line objectives. Skilled in providing strong strategic and tactical leadership and solving complex business challenges. 

His approach is nothing new, it is the execution that sets him apart. It involves:

  • communication among diverse stakeholders to gain cooperation and consensus, 
  • building and leveraging effective business relationships, 
  • effectively presenting ideas and selling concepts, strategies and tactics, 
  • and using diplomacy and tact to build trust, confidence and relationships. 

John offers a proven ability to move quickly, productively and successfully into new organizations and professional environments with new rules and provide results for clients.

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John Clevenger
John Clevenger